Psycrowdelica 2009

transmission: 48
date: 18.07.09
source: hypernet
type: arts


Auf dem Gelände des gelben Wahnfrieds direkt am Drehpunkt Göritz (grins) fand diese Jahr wieder die Psycrowdelica statt, und hat mit einer unerwartet großen Besucherzahl die Kapazität der Location völlig ausgereizt. Ein internationales LineUp sowie ein wahres Fluoro Gewitter an Deko sorgte für eine Bombenstimmung während den 3 Tagen dieses Festivals.



This years Psycrowdelica was the most international festival in whole Germany and attracted thousands of dancers and the most popular artists of the psychedelic scene. During the 3 days of party all together created an unvorgettable vibe and even rain or the break on the saturday night couldn’t turn the people down. In the very moment as they started the P.A. it was obvious that this will lead to problems with the neighbors: it was the fucking best and glassclear sound I ever listend on Goa parties… and it was really LOUD ! Thanks again to Krehe, who had lots of stress organizing this event. And thanks to all the artist on stage, as well as to the deco-teams who turned the place into an amazing flouro thunderstorm.


See u all next year !


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